The 5 best gifts from a grandmother to her grandchildren

If the grandparents are more than tips, walks and stories, the grandmothers give something much better each day to their grandchildren and also do it unconditionally and infinitely, among the many things that a grandmother gives to her grandchildren there are 2 that deserve special mention : love and wisdom. Some grandchildren give to the grandparents many gifts such as paying for their dental implants in Tijuana, take them to breakfast or travel with them, but what can you do for them?.

We would like to give you a series of clues on how to transfer these gifts to something that you can give them in a tangible and real way:

Let’s start with wisdom, your grandchildren ask you about things and learn from you, you are like a wise person, a source of knowledge, any grandmother who has a grandchild or granddaughter between 4 and 8 years of age knows that they never tire of asking Above all, absolutely everything that surrounds them. Learning in children is something innate, they are born with curiosity and this exercises the basis for their ability to absorb more and more knowledge. One of the best gifts that is given to a child is knowledge, and therefore, any gift that helps your grandchild learn or know something better is a great success.

1) Some music classes, any musical discipline will expand the capacity of your grandchildren: choir, solfege, guitar, piano, violin …

2) An educational Tablet, today children increasingly use the Tablet in their day to day, to play, to see and to look for things, now there are tablets that at a very good price contain: an encyclopedia, different didactic games and / or books.

3) A kindle, or better a collection of books. Help your grandchildren create their own library, incorporating different titles they should read during their childhood. Remember the magnificent collections of your children: “Steamboat” or “The Five”, which you still treasure at home, your grandchildren can inherit! Or make your own new collection: Enid Blyton, Geronimo Stilton or Harry Potter.

4) A trip or excursion to a new place. Your grandchildren will also learn traveling, about historical places, exotic and different from their usual environment, in this way they will be formed in a multiracial environment, learning, knowing and admiring other places and / or cultures. A trip can be very enriching, as well as an experience that your grandchildren will never forget.

5) A cultural visit, a play, the opera, a concert … any of these artistic activities will contribute more than positively in their training and learning, your grandchildren will discover their tastes and interests through knowledge and understanding of the different arts.