The current problem: family or work

There is a tireless struggle to have equal rights between men and women in the workplace, as well as the participation of women in these spaces and achieve a balance between family and work.

The family is actually part of the irreplaceable role that everyone has in the home, each person plays a different role but they complement each other, always need parents to take care of their children, take them to the doctor if they are sick or A good dentist like ProDent if they have oral problems. Although the changes of the time have encouraged the insertion of more women in the workplace, which in itself is good and positive for the economy and the development of society; and the roles that men and women share within the home must respond to the specific needs of the children and each one from their own nature.

The decisions that young women take, such as waiting a while before becoming mothers, get tattoos or doing a gastric sleeve Tijuana Mexico, are criticized and it seems that there is a big discussion between what is better if the value that women can bring in the family or in society, but in reality, both contribute positively to society. Currently it is necessary that measures in favor of the family facilitate that young people do not have to choose between being professionals without children and parents without profession.

Many young people, particularly women, fear they will not be able to develop their professional lives at the same time that they start a family life, since they have been wrongly taught that they can only concentrate on one thing. But in reality they need help and guidance so that they do not have to choose between, on the one hand, being mothers or fathers and not having a professional life, and on the other hand, developing professionally, but not having children. It is possible to achieve that the families reach that conciliation with a good social policy.