5 Things You Need to Know to Find the Best Child Custody Attorney

When looking for the best child custody attorney, you want to take your time to do some thorough research into the lawyer and his firm. The outcome of your child custody hearing and any subsequent court appointments will garner huge life-changing results which is why you need to do your due diligence in finding an attorney who is a true master in child custody law. But is even that enough to guarantee you are working with the best? Here are five crucial requirements any family law attorney should have before you agree to hire him.

1. Has the Lawyer Represented Child Custody Cases like Yours?

Not all child custody cases are the same. If one parents has criminal charges, or a joint-owned business is involved in a divorce, or the child has made a clear plea to stay with one parent, many factors determine the best angle to approach the case. Look for a child custody attorney who has experience in the courtroom fighting for cases common to your own. Are you or is your soon-to-be ex not a US citizen? Have you dealt with past substance abuse and you fear old dirt will be dug up and used against you in family court? Perhaps your background is clean but your spouse has ghosts in the closet that make them an unfit parent. Your situation is unique and should therefore be handled by a top child custody lawyer who has experience in navigating and leveraging these finer points to the larger picture.

2. What Kind of Resources does the Lawyer Have?

Child custody law can be very complex, especially if there are multiple circumstances involved. In some cases a child custody attorney will need to get depositions from medical professionals, forensics experts, research and present bank records, collect statements from law enforcement officials, and talk to the child’s teachers. Ask the child custody lawyer what type of team he has, who actually collects this information, and to what extent the lawyer plays into piecing everything together.

3. Look for a Sophisticated Shark and not a Laid-Back Guppy

Your child custody attorney should be aggressive and hungry to win your case, but all in the semblance of tact and professionalism. A cool head and a strong demeanor will get you far. Some attorneys are overly aggressive and fail to be strategic thinkers, while others are too laid back and lack the passion to stand up and fight wholeheartedly for your case. You want a ninja; a child custody lawyer who is a true ninja in his field but who knows how to “play the game” and communicate strategically.

4. Make Sure the Billing Method and Cost Works for You

If you find the best child custody lawyer in Los Angeles who hits all the “must haves”, but his billing method or cost doesn’t work for you, try negotiating other terms or move on. The last thing you want to do is hire the best child custody attorney and start making great progress in your case, but then face a wall because you can’t continue to pay his fees. Most lawyers charge by the hour. Whether you are taking out a loan, using your own funds, or getting financial assistance to hire a lawyer, just make sure you can afford him. Otherwise you will have to start all over again and all will have been lost.

5. Notice How the Ease of Communication Between You and Your Lawyer

How quickly does your child custody lawyer respond to your emails, text messages, or phone calls? When you talk does he give you clear updates and explain everything in a clear manner demonstrating that he has the ability to speak at a level right for you? Even before you agree to hire an attorney there will be some initial communication with a first meeting. Notice how easy and fluent the communication chain is. Does your lawyer understand you? Do you understand him? Is he easy to reach in the event of an emergency? Look for a lawyer who doesn’t hide from his clients and who focuses on offering thorough, clean lines of communication.

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3 Digital Marketing Tips for Plastic Surgeons

Most plastic surgery centers now have websites, but doctors assume that’s all they need to attract new patients. You may have contracted the best web developer in your area, but still, you have more to do to drive the kind of sales you desire. Installing the most attractive website themes and making it easy to navigate your website does not guarantee of instant conversions. You need to market your website through various platforms for you to reach a wide customer base. The following are the perfect ways of marketing your website and increase the conversion rate.

Integrate Social Media with your website

You cannot ignore the role of social media in the marketing sphere today. Some of the best social platforms where you can market your cosmetic surgery treatments include; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. Create several accounts on these platforms where you shall inform your customers of new offers and updates. Some of these social media plugins will distribute your posts on their platforms every time you publish on your blog. You can even use automation tools that will search for relevant hashtags and engage customers on your behalf. Use social messaging apps such as Instagram Direct Message, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Direct Message to engage your patients.

Optimize your website for SEO

Some of the famous search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have a way of ranking websites. Most customers will click on those websites that appear on the first page of Google and will never both to go to the 2nd page. You can optimize your website to appear on the first page by generating useful content and sticking to the industry’s best practices. You also need to do keyword research and generate content around some of the most searched keywords in your niche. The process can be quite involving, but you can contract SEO experts such as KatRank to save you the hustle.

Email marketing

You can create a loyal following by encouraging your futures patients to subscribe to your blog. You will use the email to send newsletters and update customers of new releases in real-time. You can even automate your emails which gives you enough time to deal with core business processes. Ensure that you respond to all emails and create a page for FAQs. Customers and visitors can get answers on such forums, and you will only deal with issues that need human interaction.

Resource: Molding Clinic

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